Flight to the Ford

Did you know that we [occasionally] do video play-throughs? Matthew and Derek took a trip to Rivendell in Flight to the Ford. Watch and see what happens as we get ready for The Road Darkens!

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15.5 – Mirkwood Pioneer


A special, short episode in which we unveil and review our first spoiler for the Nin-in-Eilph pack! Have a listen and a look at the card below, then let us know what you think.


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15 – Tri-sphere Decks


Matthew, Dan, and Derek discuss the pros and cons of three sphere deck-building, including sphere ratios and resource smoothing. Plus we announce our contest winner!

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Episode 14 – GenCon


We take a break from the usual discussion format and share our experiences from GenCon 2014! It was the first time we’d all met together, and so it was a special occasion with many Hobbit Tales and antioxidants

Music, as always, by Portugal. The Man

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Episode 13 – Tactics

[Direct Download]

In spite of our giddy anticipation of GenCon, we give you episode 13! The second in our series on the four spheres of influence, this episode goes into Tactics: what it can do, what it can’t do, and maybe what it shouldn’t do.

Music, as always, by Portugal. The Man

Thanks to the movie for the fancy sounds at the beginning.

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Episode 12 – Common Mistakes


The gang has a look at some typical mistakes players make with the sometimes confusing rules. We especially try to address some of the more unclear situations you might face. We also release some details on our plans for GenCon!

Music by Portugal. the Man

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Episode 11.5 – Dunland Trap First Impressions


Between babies being borned and summer vacations, things have been slow in The Grey Company camp. So, we decided to record a special episode to share our thoughts on the brand spanking new Dunland Trap adventure pack! Please pardon any audio issues — one episode without Ian and we’re a mess!

Speaking of Ian, being a brand spanking new dad he had to sit this one out. But go and wish him well in fatherhood over on Tales!

What do you think of the new quest, the first of the Ring-maker Cycle? Let us know in the comments or Facebook or Twitter.

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